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                聯系人:莊 延 山(先生)

                地 址:大石橋市南樓經濟開發區高莊村

                電 話:0417-5289488  13904074678

                郵 箱:dsqbohai@126.com

                郵 編:115100


                Yingkou Bohai Magnesium Materials Co., Ltd.

                Contact: Zhuang Yanshan (Mr.)

                Location: Gaozhuang Village, Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao City

                Phone call: +86 0417-5289488  +86 13904074678

                Mailbox: dsqbohai@126.com 

                Zip code: 115100

                輕燒鎂球含有什么成分 What is the content of lightly burned magnesium balls

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                輕燒鎂球含有什么成分 What is the content of lightly burned magnesium balls

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                1. 機械強度高,使用周期長;

                2. 化學穩定性好,不與物料發生化學反應;

                3. 耐高溫性能好,耐火瓷球Z高耐熱溫度可達到 1900 度。


                Light-burned magnesium spheres are made from industrial magnesium oxide and refractory kaolin as the main raw materials. They are made through scientific formula, forming and high temperature calcination.

                High mechanical strength and long service life;

                Good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with materials;

                Good high temperature resistance, the highest temperature of refractory porcelain ball can reach 1900 degrees.

                     It is especially suitable for high and low temperature conversion furnaces, conversion furnaces, hydrogenation converters, desulfurization tanks and methanation furnaces in fertilizer plants. It plays the role of dispersing gas and liquid, and supporting, covering and protecting catalysts. Light-burned magnesium balls can also be used in hot blast stoves and heating conversion equipment in the steel industry.

                Light-burned magnesium balls are divided into ordinary light-burned magnesium balls and high-magnesium light-burned magnesium balls. Ordinary light-burned magnesium balls are suitable for converters and conversion furnaces in the sulfuric acid and fertilizer industries. High-magnesium light-burned magnesium balls are suitable for urea, steel and other industries. Hot blast stove, heating conversion furnace and other equipment.



                With the continuous development and expansion of Bohai Magnesite Materials Co., Ltd. and the increase in popularity at home and abroad, the company can no longer go further by relying on the original technology and production processes, and conditions. It can only rely on science and technology. The transformation of science and technology into productivity, constant reform and innovation, and enriching and occupying the market with new technologies, processes and materials with high technological content and high added value can always be invincible in the refractory industry; only new high-tech products In order to bring new vitality and vitality to the enterprise. "To provide customers with first-class products and value-added services" as its mission, with advanced technology and strict management to achieve the product "factory pass rate of 100%, customer satisfaction rate of 100%" goals. In the past few years, the products have not only sold well to major domestic steel companies, but have also been exported to Japan, the United States, Russia, South Korea, North Korea, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, Taiwan and other countries and regions.